For her photos and time and support, Lee Sandwith

For her styling and advice and assistance, Noella Thomson

For her all-round behind-the-scenes help and support, Ruby Murray


For his website design, Dane Ash

For his logo design, Elwyn Murray

For his studio, David White

For her backstage help, Alice Swing

For his chauffeuring, Pete Garrow

For her advice, Sarah Trotter


For their son Arlo, Sky Mykyta and Jamie Waters

For his dog Jim, Anthony McNeil

For being ‘Brad’, Shane Jesse Christmass

For her bicycle, Lucy O’Regan

For her hats and taxidermy, Marieke Hardy

For his steering wheel, Paul Trapani

For their gramophone, Opus in Wood


For their love and support, Lyn, Geoff, Xanthe, Analiese and Lachy

For the roof over my head in Turkey, Anika Weshinskey and Julie Upmeyer (Caravansarai, Istanbul)

For their general help and advice, Ronnie Scott, Anna Krien, Julian Hewitt and Burcu Koray


Thanks also, and apologies in advance, to those who may recognise themselves in these stories.